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As a Gravity raider, you are expected to contribute to a progression oriented raiding experience on a casual schedule.

On you own time, you're expected to...

    * Partake in theorycrafting & class research to know your optimal “rotation” and “build”.

            (Elitest Jerks, Noxxic, Icy Veins, MMO Melting Pot, or Various Blogs / Forum posts)

    * Research fight mechanics that will affect you during boss fights, for the current progression boss and the next as well.

            (Icy Veins write up, DD Guides on guild website (below), TankSpot on YouTube, Fatboss on YouTube)

    * Be sure you are have proper gems and enchants on your gear. You should pass the audit check on your WoW Armory Character page, “under advanced view”.

            (Noxxic, AskMrRobot, general info from your Theorycrafting)

    * Have Ventrillo installed.

During raids, you're expected to...

    * Show up approximately five minutes before the start of the raid, or let the event organizer know when you'll be able to join.

    * Be respectful of your team members (and any pugs).

    * Have fun!! This is a game. You are paying for it... keep it entertaining. The practice & research you put into it will allow for access to more content, additional loot...and well, more fun! ;)

    * Keep Ventrillo clear of chatter during combat. Raid directions and key information will be going out during this phase.

These statements are intended to promote a positive and efficient raiding environment. Thank you!


I've read this and I'm ready to raid. Raid Channel PW: serrated  (don't share it, let people read this for the benefit of all).

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